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Know Your Car Accidents Statistics For 2009

Car Accidents 2009

Car Accidents 2009 Statistics:

Car Accidents 2009 statistics are an effective resource when analyzing the severity and unfortunate prevalence of car accidents. Through the evaluation of such statistics, lawmakers as well as the community in general, can assume a grasp of the issues which surround car accidents.

By viewing car accidents 2009 statistics an individual can evaluate the dangers associated with driving and the comparative dangers attached to reckless or unsafe driving. The following car accidents 2009 statistics will elucidate the prevalence of auto accidents and detail the increased dangers associated with reckless driving, failing to obey to traffic laws and accidents that include the use of narcotics or alcoholic products.

Car Accidents 2009 Statistics:

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in the United States reported that 33,808 people died in vehicular accidents in 2009. The report filed by the Insurance Institute for Highway safety included a plethora of stats and data used to further detail the types of accidents and attached causes:

Alcohol Related Motor Vehicle Fatalities: Car accidents 2009 statistics revealed that a driver’s blood alcohol content increases the probability of a fatal accident by at least 45%.

Bicycle Accidents: 630 bicyclists were killed in accidents with motor vehicles in 2009. These car accidents 2009 statistics reveal a decline of 37% when compared to 1975; such a number reveals that bicyclists are operated in a safer manner, primarily due to various legislation and laws to protect their activities.

Child Fatalities: Car accidents 2009 statistics reveal that 1,062 minors were fatally injured in car accidents. This statistic revealed a 1% increase over the previous year, but a 71% decrease since 1975. The precipitous decrease is another result of legislation; new child safety laws, improved technologies, the institution of airbags, and a better understanding of car accidents have been fundamental in shrinking this statistic.

Fixed Object Fatalities: These particular car accidents 2009 statistics refer to the fatalities that arise when a motorist hits a non-moving object, such as a median, utility pole, tree or wall. In 2009, 7,800 motorists were killed in accidents involving a fixed object.

Motorcycle Accidents: Based off of car accidents 2009 statistics, 4,281 people were killed as a result of motorcycle accidents. Fatal motorcycle accidents have experienced a 16% since 1998 due to increased awareness and the implementation of laws concerning motorcycle safety. The primary cause for death in a motorcycle accident is injuries sustained to the head.

Pedestrian Accidents:4,409 pedestrians were killed in motor vehicle accidents in 2009. Pedestrian accident deaths account for 12 percent of motor vehicle accident deaths. People ages 70 and over are the highest at risk.

Teenage Motor Vehicle Accidents: Car accidents 2009 statistics reveal that 3,466 teenagers (between the ages of 13-19) suffered fatal injuries from vehicular accidents. Although the majority of car accident statistics and deaths due to vehicular accidents have decreased since 1975, teenagers are four times more likely to suffer fatal injuries than older drivers. The majority of teenage accidents involve male drivers; males account for 2 of every 3 teenage motor vehicle accidents.

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